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Dive-Shield The First & Only Clinically Proven Anti-Bacterial System

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DIVE-SHIELD ‘ORAL’ - (original product) – 100ml pump action spray.
[There is also a 500ml version for dive shop/school/resort use for their customers.]
This is intended as a portable, quick treatment product; to be sprayed on the mouthpiece
of the regulator before the diver inserts it into his/her mouth. A quick liberal spray and the
wet mouthpiece can be inserted into the mouth. The product has a distinct ‘tell-tale’ flavor
which tells the diver that the mouthpiece has been treated (very useful to tell that it has been used in the case of rental shops…) and which advises the diver of a safe, treated mouthpiece..

Anti-Bacterial Treatment System 1  $ 24.99 SRP [ $14.99 MEMBERS ]

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DIVE-SHIELD ‘LIP BALM’ – A simple 20ml pot of flavored lip balm.
The sea is a harsh environment and post-dive it is likely that one will have salt crystals on
lips/skin. DIVE-SHIELD LIP BALM provides a pleasant tasting/feeling lip treatment that
takes away that post-dive taste with a soothing yet antibacterial balm that protects from
dry, chapped or cracked lips.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment System 2  $ 4.99 SRP [ $3.19 MEMBERS ]


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DIVE-SHIELD ‘BCD’ – Buoyancy compensation device treatment; 30ml sealed single-use
pot. After each dive event, such as a dive weekend, the BCD can end up with a combination
of air and spit from the diver as well as some sea water inside. Usually drained of surplus
water, these devices remain damp and bacteria and mold grow inside readily. Adding the
DIVE-SHIELD BCD liquid will protect the inner sac from degradation in storage and keep it
in safer/better condition for the next dive event (and serviceable for longer overall).

Anti-Bacterial Treatment System 3  $ 12.49 SRP [ $3.19 MEMBERS ]

*Three BCD treatments per pack

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DIVE-SHIELD ‘FOAMING MOUSSE’ – Neoprene suit/kit cleaner; 200ml pump action foam
head. Neoprene suits also degrade with use and require maintenance. This foaming
mousse solution is designed to be rubbed on to the neoprene to kill any bio-presence that
may reside there; (dive equipment is ‘loaded’ with chemicals during manufacture that
some bacteria particularly like to live on.) Some divers also have an allergic reaction to
neoprene because of certain proteins.

maintain the dive suit thereby protecting the divers’ skin from bacterial infection and/or
allergic response. It is also a fact of life that there are no toilets when diving and
decompression stops may prevent a diver from returning to shore or a boat so inevitably
divers will pee in their suits. Proper cleaning is appropriate when it is owned equipment; it
is absolutely essential when considering using rented suits.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment System 4  $ 29.99 SRP [$ 17.99 MEMBERS ]


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DIVE-SHIELD ‘NASAL SPRAY’ – An amazingly effective 10ml nasal spray.
This pump action product delivers anti-infective to the nasal cavity. This simple product is
already used by many as a prophylactic. For example, a quick reassuring squirt helps
protect in public places as varied as aircraft (recycled air) to office (unhealthy air
conditioning), malls and buses. Divers need to maintain their health and avoid head colds
and congestion. This product is your best ally for this. Eminently suitable for clearing the
nose just prior to donning equipment. A real ‘use anywhere’ product to stay in top form for
your diving!

Anti-Bacterial Treatment System 5  $ 17.99 SRP [$ 11.24 MEMBERS ]


Memberships allow the whole dive community to be a part of the DIVE-SHIELD safety initiative. Support environmental programs with us and enjoy all the benefits of the product set provided at discounted rates.

Non-members can still buy DIVE-SHIELD product but without discount and without any of the many value-add benefits available to members.

Membership rates
Dive centers, shops, schools, resorts – annual membership $300.00
Professional divers – annual membership $99.99
Sport/recreational divers - annual membership $74.99
Non/trainee divers - annual membership $49.99
Sugested Retail Prices Shown. Massive discounts available to Dive-Shield members  
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