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Scuba Diving Mask Tips

A scuba diving mask is an essential part of your scuba gear. Without it, we wouldn't be diving. It's simple to take care of with some basic maintenance tips. And once you are underwater, there's not much more annoying than a mask that constantly fogs up. Follow these simple steps for mask care and defogging so your mask will last you for many more dives.

Scuba Dive Mask Maintenance

Many times, new dive masks have an oily film over the surface. What works best to remove this? Good 'ol toothpaste! Put a small drop on the lens and rub it over the areas that have this residue on them. This would also include the strap. Thoroughly rinse the mask in fresh water and reinspect to make sure it is clean. Repeat if necessary.

Just make sure it is not a gel toothpaste. I have always used plain Crest for this (and to clean my dive slate) with no ill effects. Removing this film will stop the mask from fogging.

Maintenance of your scuba dive mask is straightforward. No rocket science here. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Rinse your mask in freshwater after diving. You need to clean out any sand or grit that may have gotten into the mask and get rid of any salty residue.
  • Never dry your mask in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can start to degrade the silicone so keep the mask out of the sun.
  • Thoroughly dry mask before storing. You don't want anything to start growing on your mask. Not to mention possible odors.
  • Periodically clean your scuba dive mask. You should clean your mask with a little bit of toothpaste every now and then. It will help clean the lens and will also help keep it from fogging (see below). Rinse well after using the toothpaste and you are good to go.
  • Place you mask face-up. Don't put your mask face down when you are not wearing it. The lens could get scratched - which could drive you nuts on every dive!

Mask Defogging Tips

There are basically 3 different ways to keep your scuba dive mask from fogging while you are diving. I have used all 3 while diving and all 3 are effective. I probably use the mask defogger solution the most.

  1. Saliva - Yup, good ol' spit. It really does work. I usually dry and put in on my mask when it is dry. Rinse out after rubbing it around your mask. Some people get queasy, bacteria, etc. But we've done it and no harm has come to us! GOOD in a pinch.
  2. Prepared Solution - You can buy a commercial mask defogger solution at any dive shop for a few dollars. They last a long time and do work. Just put a couple drops on your lenses and rub it around. Rinse it out thoroughly, you don't want to get solution in your eyes. Be prepared to share with lots of other divers on the boat. There is always someone that ran out, forgot, etc. You'll be the hero.
  3. Toothpaste - If the above 2 don't work, it may need a more thorough cleaning with toothpaste as described above (non-gel). This should solve any problem with fogging that you have.
If you follow these simple scuba mask care and maintenance tips, you should have a nice clear dive. With proper care, your scuba diving mask should last for years and many, many dives.
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