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Your Scuba Diving Questions

Scuba diving is a world-wide pastime enjoyed by many people from all walks of life. Scuba divers are not limited to being near an ocean.

Many divers can recreation at local lakes and have even taken the sport of Spelunking and added their own twist by diving in caves. There is a lot to know when it comes time to decide whether or not you want to learn how to dive.

This article will cover some of the basics of diving and hopefully by the end, you will know whether or not this sport is for you.

What are the different types of scuba diving?

Typical scuba diving uses a tank of compressed air. This allows the diver to stay submerged longer than if they were free-diving or snorkeling.

There are also diving methods using specialized gear that allows reaching greater depths by using a different breathing system as well as a special type of suit to resist the compression from the ocean's differing atmospheres of pressure.

There are a variety of types of scuba diving ranging from cave diving and ice diving. The specialty forms of diving require additional instruction as they are more dangerous and require further education in order to dive safely

How expensive is the gear?

Gear can be the greatest expense associated with scuba diving. The gear cost depends on what type of diving will be done. The typical recreational diving gear can be purchased for usually less than five hundred dollars and can also be rented from local marinas or scuba shops.

For more dangerous diving or prolonged underwater diving, such as that done for marine research, special tanks and gases are needed as well as diving suits. Diving suits, depending on whether they are wet or dry, can vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars and go upwards from there.

Costs will also vary where you are renting or buying the equipment from. It is important to buy from a reputable dealer because your life is at stake. Take the time to research the type of gear you will need before "jumping" in.

Can I scuba dive without a license?

There are some individuals who do not choose to have a scuba diving certificate. Those that do are taking their lives into their own hands. It really is not so much a license as a certificate that shows you have been taught the basics of underwater safety and know how to use the equipment.

Rental shops usually require proof of diving certificate in order to be able to rent equipment. In the case of vacationers who do not have a scuba diving certificate there is usually a beginner's class with certified instructors teaching how to dive properly and what safety procedures must be adhered to.

How do I get my scuba diving license?

If you live near a body of water, chances are there are instructors listed at the local marina or equipment rental shop that offer classes. The classes usually begin before even stepping foot into the water.

The instructor teaches the proper safety precautions and hand signals used by divers underwater. The next step is short trips into the water to teach proper breathing regulation.

This is also the time that a good instructor will help teach his or her students what to do in case of an emergency as well as any dangers that can present themselves while diving.

In most cases there is a test given while in the water to actually verify that the student has attained the knowledge to dive and then one given written to ensure that safety rules and equipment knowledge has been successfully attained by the student.

Are there jobs for people who like to scuba dive besides being an instructor?

Yes there are a variety of jobs for certified scuba experts. Some of these are as rescue personnel, wreck divers and even as an underwater photographer.

Many law enforcement divisions employ search and rescue divers in case of accidents or when they need to have a river, lake or pond dragged for evidence. When you reach the Master Diver level, the opportunities begin to open up.
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