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Guide to Networking and Internetworking Terms

co-written by:

Andrew Gallaher and Paul Simoneau

programmed by:

Andrew Gallaher

ARG has developed this glossary as a teaching aid for all of ARG's students to be used both in and out of the classroom. ARG believes in quality training along with continuing support. Students will receive a copy of this CD for their own use after the course is over.

This CD contains:

Glossary - Over 3,500 internetworking and networking terms that will provide valuable information in almost any kind of computer or networking environment.

Vendor List - This list will help you get in contact with some of the industry's leading manufacturers and vendors. This listing includes many categories of vendors, such as ethernet, token ring, cabling systems, FDDI, bridges and routers, and many others.

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Andrew Gallaher's Acknowledgements:

This glossary could not have been possible without the love and support of my friends and family. The list of people that I need to thank is endless, but here goes. My family - Susan, Rick, Daniel, Benb, and David - who worked diligently, gave me tons of support, and put up with me and my messes. My friend Essie who gave everything she had plus some. My friend William who worked with me in a small, hot, stuffy room on more than one all-nighter. Also, Ron, Billy, Brian, Jerry, and Pete whose company and friendship, with the help of a lot of coffee, kept me going. And to every other person that I may have forgotten: Thank you!

Paul Simoneau's Acknowledgements:

As "nothing comes from nothing", my sincerest thanks to the teachers and students who have educated me in so many of these terms, the people who coined the terms, and those who will keep me straight by giving me updates in the future. Of particular note are my fellow course directors, instructors, and the staff at American Research Group. While they have all helped, the core support came from my family and my friends. In creating and updating this book, Don Vitz, Glenn Tapley, and Patrick Von Schlag played key roles.

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